Nizar Fraj holds a baccalaureate in mathematics, a bachelor degree in management and a master’s degree in entrepreneurial engineering. Just after finishing his studies Nizar has become a project manager at IACE, a business think tank that has the status of NGO and holds entrepreneurship as one of its most important areas of interest. As a matter of fact, Nizar was responsible for two main projects that aimed to support young entrepreneurs in disadvantaged regions in Tunisia through helping them to overcome issues they met (technical: build a sustainable business plan, financial: looking for investors, administrative and legal) . Moreover, Nizar was the chief of the Tunisian National Entrepreneurship Survey (in collaboration with Global Entrepreneurship Monitor), was in charge of The Entrepreneurial Week, the Creative Business Cup and the Entrepreneurship Forum which are events organized in collaboration with the Global Entrepreneurial Network. Throughout the last two years, Nizar held the position of consultant after joining Ernst and Young Tunisia a multinational professional services firm that provides its clients with audit and advisory services. Nizar worked with the private and the public sector and lead several missions with relevant organizations such as investment funds based in Luxembourg and United Arab Emirates, the central Bank of Djibouti and the Tunisian Ministry of industry.