Menna is a creative consultant, with a focus on social impact. She has 10 years of experience working in corporate and nonprofit sectors. She developed and oversaw several marketing strategies in Egypt and Africa that combine effective advertising with data driven storytelling. Menna built more than 20+ viral campaigns and initiatives to assist organizations and companies to transform their visibility strategies up to 70%. Additionally, she worked at two of Egypt’s largest advertising firms, which gave her a leverage in her social development work from a business model perspective and provided her with a broader knowledge and hands-on experience in the media area.

Host Organization: HealthRight International

Role at Host Organization: As the Chief Operating Officer Fellow, Menna will develop strategic communication plans with metrics and goals that are aligned with the organizations’ mission, vision, and values. The Fellow will develop, maintain, and grow successful relationships with key media outlets on the local, regional, and national level. Furthermore, Menna will draft and publish press releases, organize press conferences, and develop strategies for press events and campaigns for, but not limited to exhibits, events, contributions, movies, etc. The Fellow will also act as the organization’s spokesperson, pitch, and arrange publicity opportunities such as speaking engagements, podcasts, appearances, and interviews.