Marilo Meta has over four years of experience in various social change sectors. He has certificates in Political Leadership and Cognitive Law from the Elita Professional Academy in Albania, as well as a Master of Science in Information Technology and Communications and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science from the University of Tirana at Albania. Marilo is the President of the Leadership Development Association of Albania, a global and independent nonprofit run by and for young professionals. Prior to that he served as the advertising and public relations marketing manager for the Albanian Police Force, and a computer services department manager for NOA Financing. Marilo served as a marketing coordinator for AEGEEE Tirana, a position in which he advocated for increased solidarity and activism towards gender equality. Marilo is a computer scientist with strong communication and organizational skills, with a keen interest in building a career in the field of international relations for nonprofit organizations, digitalization of communication and marketing of international solidarity and humanism.

Host Organization: Open Government Partnership

Role at Host Organization: Marilo will discover and map Open Government Partnership’s organization-wide and team-specific practices of gathering, managing and sharing information and knowledge. Marilo will also contribute to other IT and data management needs.