Mariam is a Development Practitioner with around five years of experience in project design and implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation, research, budgeting, and reporting. She is skilled at identifying and mapping potential funders, establishing and maintaining productive working relationships with bilateral and multilateral donor organizations, and drafting strategic documents. She has earned her Graduate degree in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University in Massachusetts, focusing on development management. Mariam has diverse experience working in the nonprofit field, private sector and international organizations. Recently, she served as an M&E and Grants Specialist at UNDP Georgia, contributing to the strengthening of the vocational education related to agriculture. Mariam’s work focuses on capacity building and empowerment. She has a strong passion for local economic development and is committed to advancing social justice around the globe.

Host Organization: Open Road Alliance

Role at Open Road Alliance Mariam will serve as the Portfolio Fellow: supporting the improved risk management of Open Road’s loan portfolio by maintaining Open Road’s risk score Excel model, updating and improving loan portfolio data, and conducting market research to develop a database of investors, donors, and ecosystem organizations.