Mahdi has seven years of experience in the nonprofit sector, as a full-time employee at INJAZ El Djazair (JA Algeria) and also as a Fellow/volunteer in numerous local and international organizations across the MENA region, Europe, and the United States. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from HEC Algiers, and has a first year Master’s degree at ENSM Algiers in Industrial Economics. In his present role at INJAZ El Djazair, Mahdi has contributed to the training of more than 20,000 Algerian youth in business and entrepreneurship. He is also in charge of program implementation, fundraising operations (up de 20 millions dinars per year), and the evaluation and monitoring of the results. He was also able to establish a partnership with the Algerian Ministry of Industry, valued at several million dinars. Additionally, Mahdi is known as an activist in macro-economic/politics topics related to the regional inclusion of the Maghreb countries. He launched an initiative called the Maghreb Souk Of Initiatives in November 2018 to gather influencers and diaspora of the Maghreb countries. On top of his professional experience, Mahdi is also an arts activist, working as a talent manager to help young artists/designers/musicians live their art and creation, through an initiative called The TalentArt. Mahdi is an art lover and he’s passionate about youth development in a global market.

Host Organization: LearnLaunch

Role at LearnLaunch At LearnLaunch, Mahdi will serve as the Program Manager Fellow: supporting the Accelerator staff in creation and delivery of the Bootcamps for international edtech entrepreneurs exploring entry points to US edtech market, and learning all aspects of operating training programs for entrepreneurs.