Luis has two years of experience working in the field of International Development.
He holds a Masters of International Affairs from Ohio University and a B.A. in English
from Universidad de Sevilla. As a graduate student, he worked for the Healthy Living
Initiative at the Tropical Disease Institute. The program is a long-term initiative
supporting the socioeconomic development of rural communities as a key component
to the control of Chagas disease in the southern Ecuadorian province of Loja. After
completing his graduate studies, he coordinated a development team in Loja during the
implementation of program activities in the summer of 2011. After Ecuador, he returned
to his home country Spain where he collaborated with Solidaridad Internacional
– Andalucía by assisting the International Development department. He worked
during the closing term of the 2011 in the revision, editing, and translation of final and
technical reports, as well as updating the database of funding sources. Additionally, he
participated with the development of upcoming projects and the renewal of existing
projects for 2012. Concurrently, he took courses on local development and international
development project evaluation. Luis previously worked in education at the Modern
Languages Department and the Disability Services Center at Ohio University. A native
of Spanish, he also speaks English, French, and Portuguese.

Host Organization: Fundación Escuela Nueva. Bogotá, Colombia