Lina is an economist with a working knowledge of nonprofit initiatives in Colombia, assessment and advocacy of public policies, as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship in rural communities. Previously, she worked for the Fundación Manantial de Talentos in Bogotá, which deals with community and economic development for marginalized groups. Lina also has experience managing conferences with 20 international speakers and more than 100 attendees, organizing rural sector initiatives, and translating crucial meeting and conference documents for the Fundación Agenda Colombia. Last year, Lina was a volunteer and translator for Atlas Service Corps during the launch of the Bogotá office in Colombia. Awarded the Colfuturo Loan-Scholarship for postgraduate studies in the United Kingdom, Lina has built a strong academic foundation by pursuing a MSc in development management at the London School of Economics after graduating from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia with a B.A. in economics and a M.A. in economic sciences. She is the recipient of the London School of Economics’ Graduate Support Scheme Award. Lina hopes to master all main aspects of work in a social organization, in order to return to Colombia to work with civil organizations, grassroots organizations, research centers, and the like as a liaison between the different groups. She credits her volunteer experience as a factor in her success: “To me, social, nonprofit organizations give young professionals numerous opportunities to learn and share ideas and build up a broad range of useful skills, while working in specific areas (economic projects, political awareness, advocacy, and gender issues, among others).”

Host Organization: Grameen Foundation