Lesego has four years of experience in development banking and nonprofit work. She holds a degree in International Business Management from Asia Pacific University in Malaysia. Lesego worked under Microfinance at the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency for three years, assisting startups and expanding informal businesses access to funding, financial literacy and business development. Within the same organization, she also worked in Research and Product Development. Lesego is a Global Shaper for Gaborone Hub, an Initiative of the World Economic Forum, having served as the Curator (Chairperson) for the term 2017/2018 and formerly the Head of Communications and PR. Lesego has led and worked on projects focused on leadership and youth development and empowerment with a particular passion for building capacity among nonprofit organizations. Through Global Shapers, she was selected to attend the World Economic Forum on Africa in 2017. Lesego is the founder of Rising Tswana, a nonprofit platform for Christian creatives to share their work. She has a keen interest for shaping the African narrative positively and as such is a contributing writer for She Leads Africa and Pristine Magazine, and has guest written for the World Economic Forum, Khalahari Review, the G-Blog and many others. Lesego is a co-author of a book with three other young African leaders titled Young Conversations, which focuses on the discussions around social interest topics around Africa and youth. The proceeds of the book will be going towards funding nonprofit work which the authors are passionate about.

Host Organization: Youth INC

Role at Host Organization: Lesego will work alongside the development team to create substantive communications output and improve Youth INC’s brand through creative marketing initiatives. She will execute the communications plan and manage its sustainability.