Karla has five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, having earned a Bachelor’s in Laws, a Postgraduate in Family Law Procedures and a Diploma in International Humanitarian Law with a focus on Crimes against Humanity from El Salvador’s University. Previously, Karla worked as a Project Assistance and Case Manager for the International Organization for Migration under the United States Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP), performing activities directly related to children in risk, migrant populations, refugees and parolees. Karla worked with IOM’s Child Protection Department, providing support in different tasks and legal translations of high confidential cases from the UNHCR. Prior to that Karla worked as Judicial Assistant in a Trial Court and in the Appeals Chamber of a Criminal Court, where she gained experience working with human rights, gender, children and family rights. She has worked as a founder, leader and volunteer of the nonprofit Organization Milagros de Amor in El Salvador, where she ran charity events and helped her community address concerns and perform animal welfare activities. Karla is very interested in international legal matters related to animal welfare, sexual and human rights, migration and children.

Host Org: The Unity Council
Fellow role at The Unity Council

Karla will serve as a Policy Advisor Fellow, conducting research, developing communications and presentations, and interfacing with a variety of partners and stakeholders. She will act as the proxy for the CEO.