Marcela has six years of experience in the nonprofit sector working with human security and development projects. She earned a Bachelor´s Degree in Government and International Relations from the Externado de Colombia University, and a Master of Arts in National Defense and Security in Bogotá. With a deep interest in capacity building, sustainable development, youth rights and civil society strengthening, Marcela has participated extensively in technical assistance processes for the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies, especially in the human rights, public security, national defense and victims’ protection fields. While working as a specialized professional in the international cooperation field, she contributed in the completion of strategies to achieve sustainable development in Colombia. Previously, Marcela worked to promote the private sector’s contribution to the community in coordination with local government projects, primarily in the areas of violence and abuse prevention. Early in her career, as a consultant in Public Security, Defense, and Strategic Intelligence, she collaborated during three years with several public entities, both national and local levels, in their capacity building processes. During that time, she successfully participated with different public and private organizations and victims of the Colombian armed conflict in the evaluation of the National Public Policy to protect the rights of the victims. Before finishing college, Marcela was an intern at the Organization of American States in the Dominican Republic where she was selected as an electoral observer to guarantee the transparency in the presidential elections of 2008. Marcela has a special interest in education processes as a path to prevent and reduce violence. She is a dedicated lecturer at the Externado University, where she analyzes with her students the main urban security issues in Latin America.

Host: Internews

Fellow Role at Internews:
Marcela will work closely with a team of approximately 20 development professionals, who develop and implement projects in Latin America related to access to safe, affordable, and uncensored information. The projects range from providing financial grants, technical training, and advisory support to local civil society and media organizations, to policy and advocacy projects. Marcela will also be involved in developing technologies that enhance and make access to an affordable internet safer. She will be paying particular attention to aspects of digital security and evolving developments in cyber security, as they affect the public, media and civil society.