João Fernandes is a young Brazilian professional with three years of experience both in the nonprofit sector and in the internationalization of higher education. He actively collaborated on the implementation of a mailing office in a local community not reached by this public service, delivering dignity and equality throughout the neighborhood, more than just mail. With hands-on work, João is acting as a fundraiser for the “Happy Postman” project that aims to alleviate poverty in his city through donations of food, clothes, and toys. He increased his sense of solidarity, determination, and, above all, the certainty that this is his greatest personal achievement. João also has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and an MBA in Strategic Business Management. In the area of Higher Education, he has been responsible for the internationalization of the students’ experience, through mobility and non-mobility academic programs, and contributing on the improvement of the Continuing Education sub-areas such as Post-graduate, Research, Extension, Language, Student committees and Employability. Able to balance multiple competing priorities, demonstrating a natural aptitude for interacting with people and providing service with a smile.
João is passionate about democracy, multiculturalism and social development.

Host Organization: Laureate

Role at Laureate: At Laureate, João will reimagine and relaunch the organization’s Student Ambassador program, facilitating greater visibility for their 875,000 students. He will seek student input into policy and thought leadership initiatives, assist across a range of communications relate activities, and provide project management, event, and translation support.