Hina has five years of experience in nonprofit organizations. She did her Bachelor’s in Computer Science from National University of Comp. and Emerging Sciences and is pursuing her Executive MBA from the National University of Science and Technology – Islamabad. After completing her Bachelor’s, she joined a Software House KALSOFT as an Engagement Executive where she started her research work on e-health systems for rural areas of Pakistan. Hina is an expert on the use of ICT (Information Communication Technology) to address global health. She worked as a Research Assistant at SEECS-NUST to monitor and evaluate the project “Jaroka: Capacity-Building of Lady Health Workers” in rural Mardan through the use of ICT-based telemedicines (in collaboration with Stanford University, APPNA USA, and HEC/USAID Pak). She also had an opportunity to work with ITU UN Headquarters in Geneva where she conducted research on the national ICT strategies and e-health policies for a number of countries. In 2009, she won the ITU Cyber Security and ICT Competition, which was open to contestants from all over the world. For the competition, she covered the topic ‘Mobiles for Development: Enabling Low-Cost E-Applications for Rural and Remote Areas (E-Health)” and presented on how this idea could be practically executed. For two years, she has worked closely with the USAID-funded Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN) Project on a voluntary basis. She was selected as a Technical Director to develop a massive web portal (www.heartofasia.pk). Through this, she tried to project a softer and favorable image of Pakistan in the international community by creating a fully functional web portal that contains general information repositories about Pakistan as well as links to useful websites.

Horst Organization: Public Health Institute