Ha has almost five years of working experience in the nonprofit sector. She earned a Bachelor’s degree (with honors) in English Language Education from Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Ha is currently working as a Program Manager at Student Exchange Vietnam, whose mission is to promote internationalization of Vietnam’s higher education via academic and professional exchange programs. Her work has focused on annual business planning, forming partnerships, and leading a team of five to develop and implement internship and study programs in Vietnam for international students. Ha has helped nearly 100 local Vietnamese universities and organizations of diverse industries to host over 200 students from 20 different countries. Previously, Ha served as an event organizer for the U.S Embassy in Vietnam’s Conference on boosting the number of U.S students studying abroad in Vietnam. Ha has volunteered as an English Instructor for the Department of Education and Training in Thanh Hoa and at VNU where she trained English to 150 board members of public schools within the province of Thanh Hoa and to a wide range of VNU’s non-English major students. Through these experiences she has developed strong intercultural communication, organizational management, facilitation, and project planning and implementation skills. Ha is passionate about promoting global understanding and cultural diversity, thus wishes to continue her career in the field of international education.

Host Organization: Buffett Institute of Global Studies

Role at Host Organization: Ha will manage specific undergraduate initiatives across the global engagement programming, including the undergraduate Fellows and Ambassadors programs, project and research grant opportunities, and curriculum for a coalition of student group leaders.