Giana is a hands-on professional with 8+ years experience working with Communications and Project Management in Social Sector organizations from Brazil, U.S. and Spain. Giana holds a Bachelor degree in Social Communications from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (Brazil) and a Post Certificate Course degree in Social Innovation Management, from Amani Institute. Giana is currently studying a Master in Strategy and Technology for Development at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and working as project manager at Fundación Tomillo (Madrid). While Brazil is her home, she has been living for the past year in Spain and has lived for some time in Bolivia while volunteering at Proyecto Martadero. Giana was as a scout team leader, president of AIESEC in Curitiba (Brazil) and had volunteered in other various NGOs. On a professional level, she has worked on social impact projects in different sectors: at a multinational company, a governmental organization, a non-profit foundation and a social enterprise. Giana has experience working as ‘intrapreneur’ twice: when implemented the Social Franchise ‘Projeto Pescar’ at the multinational company Dixie Toga S.A. and when implemented the initiative ‘Estudar Fora’ at Fundação Estudar, one of the main non-profit foundations that support Brazilian youth in their education. Her interests are related to Education, Social Innovation and Sustainability and her way of working is based on a mixture of empathy, action, and strategic thinking. See more at

Host Organization: Women’s Alliance for Knowledge Exchange

Role at Host Organization: Giana will work as a Strategic Planning & Marketing Fellow to contribute to the development of essential marketing materials and marketing campaigns that will help WAKE achieve organizational sustainability, partnership development, outreach and impact.