Esther has more than four years of experience in the nonprofit sector, and she has a bachelor’s degree in business information technology from Mount Kenya University. She is a tech enthusiast, an entrepreneur, and a speaker. Most of Esther’s work revolves around technology because she believes that technology can solve most of the problems faced by society today. She is fascinated by global technological ecosystems and works to support entrepreneurs like herself to scale their work and impact on society. As one of the founders of sokonect, a platform that links small-scale farmers to buyers using mobile technology, she builds strong partnerships to solve these societal problems. Esther also serves as a board member for Girls in Tech Kenyan Chapter, a nonprofit organization that seeks to increase the visibility of women in the technology space through workshops, training, and conferences. Through these experiences, Esther has developed skills in project planning and management, event planning, coordination, and implementation. Her passion is to empower women, youth and the marginalized communities through technology.

Host Organization: American Red Cross

Role at Host Organization: Esther will collect and disseminate knowledge from around the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) via, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. She will continue to build a strategy and system for enhancing knowledge management while also reaching out and capturing knowledge from relevant external organisations including NGOs.