Edward has ten years of professional experience in web development and marketing for nonprofit organizations. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Science from Jose Matias Delgado University in 2009, and a second bachelor’s degree in Marketing in 2014. In 2008, he started working for the National Center of Cleaner Production of El Salvador, where he has developed many projects in computer science areas aimed at increasing the efficacy of enterprises and saving natural resources like energy, water and oil. He has extensive experience in different kinds of web technologies, data bases, and marketing strategies. In the last ten years, Edward has developed web applications for the government, banks and for-profit organizations, and nonprofits alike. In addition to his work in renewable energy, recycling, market studies, and green marketing, he has experience in e-commerce working at a startup that sells t-shirts with a social message. In the future, Edward wants to pursue a Master’s degree in web security and continue working in entrepreneurship.

Host Organization: Solstice

Role at Host Organization: Edward will serve as a “design-geneer” to lead UI/UX, front-end design, and contribute to the overall development effort of the organization’s web-based solar marketplace and customer engagement platform.