Eduardo has three and a half years experience in the nonprofit sector, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas in Lima, Peru. For the last two years Eduardo has worked as a teacher in a low-income area of Lima for Enseña Peru, Teach for All’s Peruvian chapter. He has taught English and math in primary school, and math and business-related workshops in high school, having given students the skills and knowledge needed to start their own small businesses. In between school years at Enseña Peru, Eduardo was an intern at Caja Rural Los Andes, a rural microfinance institution in Puno, Peru, where he researched social conditions and needs beyond microcredit of rural credit holders. Previously, Eduardo worked for the post-graduate school at Universidad del Pacífic, and as a junior consultant at Invertir, a Peruvian nonprofit organization that promotes business entrepreneurship, seed capital funds, and microfinance. There he collaborated in the research and editing of a book about successful business through microfinance, and assessed business plans for business entrepreneurship programs. His work in business entrepreneurship, microfinance, and education has helped him develop leadership and capacity improvement skills, as well as skills for entrepreneurship and business development. Eduardo is interested and highly committed to social and economic development, access to microfinance, improvement in the quality of education, and reducing poverty in his country. He is also an avid reader, amateur photographer, and music-lover.

Host Organization: University of Maryland, Center for Social Value Creation