Duaa Elfadil is a social entrepreneur, web designer and social media specialist with four years of experiences in web designing and social media management. Duaa is passionate about using technology innovations to solve chronic social problems. Her interest in youth empowerment inspired her to join YALI R LC East Africa where she expanded her network throughout the continent. Dua also later joined Shabab Gadir, a national leadership development program. Currently, Duaa is leading two startups project, acting as Founder and CEO of the social enterprise My Academic Platform (MAP), a professional development platform that compiles different professional development opportunities targeting Sudanese and African youth professionals. She is also the Founder and Web Solutions and Digital Marketing Manager at Zonilus Tech Solutions, which provides digital services for different sectors. Leading regional and national initiatives, Duaa co-founded and designed the website of Kush Sudan; the first Sudanese digital initiative that aims to reflect a positive image about Sudan. She is also leading A MORAN (The Great I AM), an initiative and movement around Africa founded by a `group of YALI RLC East Africa Alumni aiming to empower and transform African youth.

Host Org: MetroLab Network

Fellow role at MetroLab Network Duaa will serve as a Project Coordinator, working on content and exploratory research, supporting MetroLab’s Annual Summit, and assisting with website development.