Daria Zavodskaia earned a special degree (BA+MA) in Culture Studies from Saratov State University (Russia), and later a Master`s in Global Governance, Intercultural Relations and Peace Process Management from University of Siena (Italy). Additionally, she studied Art Education in Zurich University of Art (Switzerland). Daria has three years of experience in the nonprofit sector in the field of art and cultural education and youth development. Working in Italy as a senior fellow with “Rondine Cittadella della Pace”, Daria worked with young people from around the world to address topics such as peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue. Other experience includes working in the educational department of art and culture center “SKLAD”, where she managed diverse educational courses on topics of history, art and cinema while holding educational round-tables. Through these experiences she has acquired skills on research, project management and organization of the events. The areas of Daria`s interest in the nonprofit sector are education and youth development.

Host Org: DC Scores
Fellow role at DC Scores

Daria will serve as a Community Outreach Fellow and significantly contribute to recruitment and volunteer support, providing high-quality programming to children in need.