Daniela has over four years of experience in the nonprofit sector working on the administration of social development projects at the local level. With a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations, she has led a variety of projects throughout Mexico to improve the efficiency and management of local government. Her research has helped promote public policies that ensure the adequate distribution of resources, and has assisted in identifying areas of poverty in rural and urban communities. As a result of her findings, Daniela has created projects aimed at correcting the distribution of resources and providing access to basic services to those in severe need. She currently works for the municipality of El Marqués, where she organizes fundraising to support local activities and promote equal opportunities for women. Additionally, Daniela has worked to decentralize services and policies by implementing projects from the federal to local level and promoting the social development of poor towns through national programs. She has also helped to start a new nonprofit organization called “Drink a Dream,” which supports heath, education and social development projects.

Host Organization: Susan G. Komen for the Cure