Daniel is a Computer Scientist with a Bachelor’s degree of Computer Science from Africa Nazarene University, Kenya. He is able to identify, formulate and solve problems using computer science techniques and methodologies. Daniel is also committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those suffering from humanitarian disasters by using his skills, knowledge and experience. He participates in activities that bring hope, compassion and solidarity to communities living below poverty levels in hopes to help reduce poverty levels and injustice. Daniel has over eight years of experience in the non-profit sector as a field officer, Monitoring and evaluation officer, and finance manager on a USAID funded-HIV and AIDS program with Nazarene Compassionate Organization, and eleven years in computer information and systems. The HIV and AIDS program supported over 10,000 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), and 3,500 women affected or infected by HIV and AIDS. Daniel’s key achievements include: training of 1700 trainers on HIV and AIDS programs; collecting, doing entries and reporting on data for over 10,000 OVC; managing various income generating activities; assisting many people on how to use computer; and assisting youths to become independent.

Host Organization: Atlas Corps | American Express

Role at Host Organization: Building on the American role in supporting best-in-class leadership practices and capacity building, Daniel will coordinate and grow the alumni network; manage and coordinate the global Alumni Summit; help develop and improve communication and dissemination of best practices and provide overall project support for the American Express Leadership website.