Chiudo has eight years of experience in environmental management consulting
and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Pure and Industrial Chemistry from the
University of Nigeria, and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Technology
and Management from the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. Chiudo is
Head of Projects at Rumines Limited, an environmental technology and
management consulting company in Nigeria. His responsibilities include project
management, environmental research, data collection and analysis, as well as technical report
writing. Since June 2016, he has served as Country Manager for Nigeria with Climate Scorecard
– a U.S.-based organization that monitors how the top 25 greenhouse gas emitting countries
implement the Paris Agreement on climate change. As a participant of the USAID Young African
Leaders Initiative training program that held in Accra, Ghana, from October to December 2015,
he served as Research and Outreach Volunteer with U.S.-based Leaders of the Free World, a
nonprofit that aims to improve positive outcomes for young Black males through training on
leadership and self-efficacy, and international travel. Chiudo helped to develop a White Paper
on the LFW program and contributed to blog articles. He is interested in environmental
protection and sustainable development, as well as entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.

Host Organization: Seeding Labs

Role at Host Organization: Chiudo will be responsible for managing several partnerships
with universities in the Instrumental Access program. He will also help increase the annual
capacity of universities that Seeding Labs can support.