Carolina has over six years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She studied Systems Administration at the National University of Colombia where she focused on management development negotiation tools based on the Harvard Negotiation Method. Since 2006, Carolina has been a volunteer with Partners of the Americas, where she has worked in the business training program for young entrepreneurs of Colombia and led projects to develop competitiveness and leadership in the region. Through this work, Carolina has trained hundreds of young people in entrepreneurship, business creation, and business strategy. She believes that entrepreneurship is an essential instrument in the fight against unemployment and socioeconomic and gender inequality. Carolina has more than six years of work experience promoting ParqueSoft, a nonprofit organization that supports implementation of business acceleration models through its board and committee of entrepreneurship. ParqueSoft has been responsible for the birth of 32 companies led by 100 city youth, including Carolina’s own company, SIES Soluciones. Carolina has also served as a spokeswoman for Colombia at the Forum of the OAS Civil Society.

Host Organization: Partners of the Americas