Arwa has five years of experience in the energy industry and two years of experience in the nonprofit sector – specifically in women’s empowerment, gender equity and inclusion of women in the technology and engineering sectors. Arwa earned a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering with focus on Electrical and Control systems from the National School of Engineers in Sfax, Tunisia. As an electrical and instrumentation specialist engineer Arwa worked in design and technical consultancy with oil and gas operating companies in Tunisia. She is responsible for carrying out conceptual engineering design, preparing technical engineering documents, budget estimation, testing and commissioning procedures, feasibility studies, and risk assessment reports.Arwa is a fellow of the Techwomen Program, an immersive leadership program administered by the U.S. State Department and the Institute of International Education tailored for emerging female leaders in STEM fields. Through the Techwomen program Arwa learned about day to day operations in Silicon Valley and visited the world’s top companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Symantec, and Autodesk. In 2015, Arwa was selected as a visiting engineer for an internship in SolarCity San Francisco America’s largest solar provider, during her internship Arwa worked with the Grid Engineering department on identifying solutions for energy integration problems. Arwa is also a fellow of the SHE ENTREPRENEURS, a recognized leadership program administered by the Swedish Institute in Sweden for female social entrepreneurs in the MENA region. Arwa is the co-founder and Communications and Social Media Manager of Women Leaders in Technology “WoLTech”, a Tunisian nonprofit promoting and empowering women in the tech field. She is passionate about renewable energies and sustainability, women empowerment and global citizenship.

Host Organization: CleanChoice Energy

Role at Host Organization: Arwa will work to help develop new consumer options to offer customers new opportunities to make clean choices. She will work on product development for new renewable energy, community solar, and smart home choices.