Anna has nine years of professional experience in the education and arts industries and five years of volunteer experience in the nonprofit sector. She holds a Master’s degree in Teaching Foreign Languages and Cultures, Linguistics, and International Communications. Currently, Anna works as a Project Coordinator at the Inclusion School, a social project supported by the Deafblind Support Foundation and the Art and Science Charity Foundation. At the Inclusion School, she develops and implements strategies for people with disabilities to cope with societal barriers. Her work also entails fostering greater awareness about the kinds of exclusion that people with multi-sensory impairments or mental and physical limitations may face. Previously, she volunteered with English Opens Doors in Chile, offered through the Ministry of Education in Chile and the United Nations Development program. There, she designed and implemented educational and cultural projects in vulnerable schools, aimed at improving teaching processes and making education more accessible. She also oversaw a charity project that funded English lessons for underprivileged students at the ELK online language school, where she teaches English. Anna executed a Russian-American Educational Exchange project for young adults and Russian-German leadership development project, advancing such programs for generations to come. From these experiences, Anna has developed strong leadership and multicultural teamwork skills, accrued the knowledge and wherewithal to implement educational and accessibility projects successfully. Anna is passionate about education, languages, and arts. She believes in their ability to provide opportunities for all people to fulfill their potential.

Host Organization: PDK International

Role at PDK International

At PDK International, Anna will develop and run a volunteer engagement program and manage an internship program. She will build out all aspects of the programs, from recruitment and screening, to project assignment and completion. Additionally, she will oversee coordination of various projects for the PDK membership team.