Alena has 6 years of experience in nonprofit organizations. In 2011, she
earned a Specialist’s degree in Social Psychology from Volgograd State
University and a degree in Economics and Management from Volgograd State
Technical University. After graduation, Alena moved to Moscow and started
working for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Russia as a case manager, supervising
matches of children in institutional care with their mentors. Alena was promoted to the position
of Director of Internal Communications, through which she organized more than 40 workshops
for orphans and their mentors, 11 holidays for children, and 3 large events for partners and
donors. Currently, Alena works for two nonprofit organizations as a project manager: Impulse
Club and the Foundation for the Development of Social Initiatives “For Future!” Through Impulse
Club she builds partnerships with public schools to engage students in volunteer projects and
promote social change. In the Foundation for the Development of Social Initiatives “For Future!”
she manages the “Animals in the City” project, which aims to create social partnerships
between nonprofits, animal shelters, businesses and the public sector to effectively solve the
problem of stray animals. Alena is interested in child rights, women empowerment,
volunteerism, and public service.

Host Organization: Universal Giving

Role at Host Organization: Alena will play an important role at UniversalGiving gaining practical skills and learning how to work across two or three Business Units. Under NGO Services, she will be in charge of researching and outreaching to new NGOs in order to expand UniversalGiving’s giving and volunteering database. She will also learn and apply UniversalGiving’s 24-stage Quality Model™ to vet both NGO partners for their public website as well as NGOs for their corporate partners.