Through experience, observation and reflection, young people will identify the global issues as well as similarities and differences among various communities across time and space.

In order to raise awareness of the world issue amongst the young people in your community, we have to overcome our tendency to think about the issue instead of experiencing it. Action Center(, introduced by Mercy Corps in Portland, offers the interactive multimedia to bring to life the daily experiences of people of the globe as they strive to improve their lives.

The host organization I am serving is called Mercy Corps, a global aid agency engaged in transitional environments in more than 40 countries that have experienced such as disaster or conflict.  In early September I had a chance to visit their head office in Portland, Oregon. It was fabulous to walked through the Action Center, located on the first floor of the red brick building, with a natural lights come from a large windows, and I get to know about their passionate activities and various exhibits.

A multimedia exhibition, provided with videos, statistics graphics in a touch screen environment and interactive equipment, engages and learn through exploration and play. Students who visit the Center must be inspired to serve others in their own community, or start out by exploring questions and issues that they encountered.  With world-wide broadcasting capabilities, it contributes to gather attention to development education at the local, national, and international level. Interactivity is an important tool to attract and retain the visitor’s attention, and I found multimedia application helps raise people’s awareness across generation. IMGP0955IMGP0957

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