The annual Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit (GYEO) by @Making Cents International is by far one of the most meaningful, learning intensive; knowledge and skill sharing summit I have attended this year.

For thirteen years, the #Youth Economic Opportunities Network (YEO Network) has contributed to the capacity of youth development stakeholders to design, implement, and evaluate high-impact youth economic opportunity programs, policies, and partnerships. The YEO Network has been a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration on critical challenges that impact youth economic opportunities.

2019 GYEO Young Leaders Summit
Abolaji Omitogun at the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit, Washington DC 2019

From participating in the first GYEO Young Leaders Summit to participating in the various learning sessions on Youth economic opportunities, the summit presented an opportunity for me to interact, share, question and learn from #Internationaldevelopment #Funders, #Donors #Implementers, #Policymakers, Companies, #YouthLeaders, #Innovators, #Educators, leading #Technical experts/#Researchers & private sector companies who are all working together to increase the impact, scale, and sustainability of youth economic opportunities programming, policies, and partnerships around the globe.

The summit agenda which builds on its learning agenda which raises important questions on what are the system-wide conditions are needed for young people to learn, earn, and thrive; to be healthy in body and in mind; to engage fully in their societies as citizens with a say in their future; and to feel a sense of optimism and possibility, regardless of their background. What does youth-inclusive growth look like, and what are the conditions needed to make this a reality? This year GYEO summit covered a wider range of issue including cross-cutting topics on: systems-change and policy; scale; technology and more. Information on best practices, what works in the field of skills development, work readiness, self-employment and entrepreneurship, as well as cross-cutting issues like gender, disability, conflict, mental health, peace, measuring impact, and scale were critical and essential components of the discussions & learning.

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A major learning highlights at the summit was the eye opening, empowering and informative session with @Lesile Crutchfield; Social Impact Strategist, Thought Leader on Social Movement and Executive Director at Georgetown University Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI). In her session, Lesile shared deep knowledge (as is in her book) on “HOW CHANGES HAPPEN” Why Some Social Movement Succeed. She uncovers successful strategies, elements and components for leading social movements. A book I will be reading in the coming weeks.

Thank you Making Cents International for the opportunity to be a part of this informative and reformative session. Thank You @AtlasCorps for making this possible.

Find out more about the 2019 GYEO Summit. or Join the YEO Network

Omitogun Abolaji, GYEO Summit, Washington Dc, 2019
Abolaji Omitogun at the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit, Washington DC, 2019

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