A truly meaningful life is nonetheless than a blessing because when people ask you what do you do, they really want to know what contribution do you make in the betterment of society, what change you brings in the lives of other. At that point, I believe the answer should not be like, I am trainer, I am manager, I am cook, I am xyz.

Pondering and stretching the mind in all possible horizon over this question,  which normally I used to take very casually, since couple of months I asked myself what should be answer than? And this is what I came up, that as development professional, as right practitioner, as young emerging leader, I make a difference, I unlock human potential which has power to bring dramatic improvement, I bring change and daily I step towards

Participating in World Bank Youth Summit

Participating in World Bank Youth Summit 2014

achieving excellence.

My optimistic side always told me that, excellence is rewarding, then my pessimistic side said, excellence is painful. Opting for this global experience, I knew that what I am going to gain and what and how much I am going to forgo and there was challenge to choose between what is right and what is right. Forgoing the festivity with family is opportunity cost for attaining diversity, going away from home and homeland is opportunity cost for getting phenomenal exposure and leaving the economic gains is an investment for achieving excellence.

Being an economist, an MBA and son of a business man, these plus and minus were very important for me. So being ambitious yet realistic, I concluded not to hardly strive for success, I have to focus on excellence, success will definitely follow me. At this stage I don’t claim that I have completely acquired what I desire but at most important is that, I have changed my perspective and now I am ready to change the world.

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