Creating your own business may look scary and difficult, despite being a tempting adventure for everyone. To become your own boss, and make your own decisions is the sexiest part of what we think is being entrepreneur. But once you decide to take the risk, and start your own business, you will realize that you are not your own boss but your customers are your bosses! That you don’t decide but THEY DO… and if you don’t answer to their requests, they will fire you!!!

90% of the early stage entrepreneurs are FIRED BY THE MARKET, because they don’t understand it…. While they think that it’s the market that didn’t understand them.

Many believe in the stereotypes of ‘’creating a need’’, creating a ‘’desire’’ in a market, while in fact these don’t exist.

In this series of blogs I will make ENTREPRENEURSHIP easy to understand for everyone. From the IDEASATION of a concept till the creation of a company, I will walk you through every step and process needed to create a company and be the perfect: Customer’s Employee.

Market study, financial plan, market plan, go to market strategy, revenue mainstream, fundraising, Point Of Entry, Business model Canvas …..  so many terms that sound difficult, my challenge  will be to make all these concepts easy to understand and to help you implement it in all your future projects and initiatives. Because Entrepreneurship is not only related to a for-profit entity, even a founder of a non-profit organization is an entrepreneur. Many will say that we should utilize the term SOCIAL Entrepreneur, just like there are Tech-entrepreneurs, Green-entrepreneurs and so on.

In my blog you’ll never find this differentiation between them; all are entrepreneurs, all started with an idea, transformed their idea into project, and built this project.

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