Entrepreneurship Pathways for Women (EPW) is an innovative approach used by Empowered Women International to empower refugees, immigrants and low income American born women in greater DC Metro area. Broadly speaking, EPW consists of training programs and Entrepreneur Support Services which help women to pursue their passion, utilize their skills and creativity leading towards upward and increased economic mobility, financial stability and enhanced social engagement.

1. Training Programs

  • Entrepreneur Training for Success (ETS): ETS is a three-month, 60 hour course designed for the women who have passion and want to transform their passion into a business.  ETS strongly emphasizes on the fundamentals of micro-entrepreneurship, combined with the basics of financial literacy.
  • Grow My Business (GMB):  a six-month business development program designed for ETS graduates and other women who have already initiated their own startup micro businesses. GMB is designed to increase business knowhow and effectiveness, as well as accelerate sales of products and services. Participants set sales goals, track their financial results, and give monthly presentations about their progress.

2. Entrepreneur Support Services (ESS)

ESS consists of year-round personalized business assistance, coaching services, referrals for support services, and workshops aimed to address the multiple needs, women face while embarking on the path to entrepreneurship. Women not only succeed by gaining targeted business knowledge and skills, but receive support in overcoming barriers towards personal and professional growth. EWI helps the women to bring products and services to market and build customer networks through marketplace sales events.

Through all these services, women are provided with strong social support system and network, which helps them in growing personally and professionally.

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