Entrepreneur: Someone who organizes a business venture and assumes the risk for it.

Have you ever dreamed of starting a business? Have you ever felt how if you are stuck in your job and you really want to start doing your own thing, well, welcome to the team. Fortunately we are living in a age where it is possible for anyone to create their own business, in this blog I will mention the key points to make that dream come true.

1. The idea, of course, is the most important thing, if your idea is create an app to share photos and videos with friends, surely your road to success will be very complicated because there are already many companies with years of experience dedicated to do it. On the other hand, if you have an idea that nobody else has thought or that represents a substantial improvement to something existing, your chances of success are much greater, if you already have that idea in your mind you have already taken one of the most important steps.

2. Ignore the real world, sometimes in the real world it will seem that your idea can not work, you will find people who will tell you that it is not possible, so ignore them, because those people are accustomed to thinking that only the things they know and have tried can works, ignore that world and move on.

3. Start, sometimes the hardest thing to develop an idea is the simple fact of starting to do something, start with something, a couple of hours a week is enough but be consistent and start with the important things.

4. Try, do not be afraid to try different alternatives to expose your idea to the public, when you start nobody knows you and you can use that anonymity to try the alternatives and discover what is your best way.

5. Plans, plan only what is necessary, if you are a very studious person and applied to books and theories, you will think that the ideal is to create a deep business plan but it is not, planning is necessary but it can also become a waste of time , to plan is basically to guess and suppose and this is something that you can do in the very short term. The best quality you can have is to learn to adapt to the changes.

6. Find your own style, whatever your idea is likely that someone else is already doing something similar and if not, it is very likely that someone else after you want to do the same, so what will make you different is to find your own style something that only you can contribute.

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