Other than that meeting different people and travelling across was remarkable experience. Visiting top most universities of the world and meeting people from different spheres of live was exciting and great. I have participated in Halloween festivities. Celebrated events like Christmas and New Year were like dream comes true. Having the opportunity to adopt another culture and learn its ways of life can make me more accepting of others. Also, my experience will give me, as I hope, a fresh perspective on the world in terms of international issues regarding politics and economics. Most importantly, I will more than likely have a renewed appreciation for my homeland once I return.

I also believe it’s very important to engage current fellows and alumni in international recruitment. I would like to volunteer as a brand advocate of Atlas Corps in my home country Pakistan because I believe not only I will be able to share my firsthand experience with the prospective fellows but will also be able to provide them insights into career prospects when they go back home. I am also an active member of Pakistan US Alumni Network (PUAN) in my home country and have experience of volunteering as international alumni.

I would be happy to be a part of Atlas Corps Alumni chapter in Pakistan because I believe completing a fellowship abroad is a rewarding experience and is an important next step in anyone’s journey to broaden their horizon. Current fellows and alumni always have distinct reliability because they share the language and cultural context and can better address the doubts about aspirations of prospective fellows. Also, I will be happy to share my experiences about fellowship, workload and life in United States

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