Eid El-Fitr is the celebration for muslim community after the end of the holy month of Ramdan after fasting for a whole month its the time where family and friends get together and enjoy each other’s company and the many feasts at each others houses.

This Eid I happen to be in Washington D. C., away for the first time in my life from from family and friends. I was really worried how am going to spend this day and with whom and I got very emotional thinking about it. I felt lonely and just wanted for that day to pass so I won’t have to think about it again.

I was sad until I received an invite from one of my fellow fellows to join Eid celebration potluck so I got really excited knowing that the fellow community is there for us and I won’t have to spend the day by my self.

Morning of Eid, I greeted family and friends by phone and wished them all of the good wishes and happiness and got ready to go to the celebration.

I was overwhelmed of hoe big the group was, almost all of the fellows who are in DC were there to join us and celebrate the day with us. It was so beautiful to see how on such a day it doesn’t matter what your believe is you just support each other with love!

I will never forget this Eid and will always be a nice memory!


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