I previously wrote a blog titled MY OPINION ON EFFECTIVE NETWORKING,” this is a follow-up blog. Every time we go for events, it’s important to take the time to plan for it, why are you going to that event? Is there something that you want to achieve at the end of the event? Have you reviewed the guest list if it’s publicly available? Among the guest, is there someone particular you would like to get to know during the event? Can I look up on their website to learn more about their work? Are you ready to make LinkedIn your ally?

My first events since coming to the United States were too aggressive and lacked focus, this changed in the course of the year. I have been able to attend over 50 events since I started my fellowship and I can confess that the latter ones have been more focused and fulfilling than the former. 

One of my major highlights was when I signed up for a series of 10 different events organized in a workshop format during the month of September 2019 by DC Startup Week. Out of 116 events spread across a period of one week and some events occurring simultaneously in different locations across Washington DC, one needed to be focused on what they wanted. I selected events that build upon each other and had the right connections I was looking for.

To achieve this, I did my homework and selected the events I wanted to attend and I knew who I wanted to talk to during these events. Once I reached out to all these people, I had the opportunity to start from somewhere during my follow-up plans. Always follow up after the events and you will surely be able to make progress, remember LinkedIn is always your ally.

These tips have earned me several opportunities ranging from referrals, donations for my project and partnerships.

Joshua Eyaru

Atlas Corps Fellow, Creating IT Futures