Have you ever wondered how your dreams change with your thought patterns?

Not too often, but I do get these glum dreams, where I am walking on the road alone, it is dark and blue, and then suddenly someone starts following me. I try to run my best and I am breathing heavily. I try to dodge away from the dark image, but soon get cornered and helpless. Then a hero within me rises and starts fighting with the dark image till I conquer. Sigh! And I wake up. Not at all a pleasant dream, but when I wake up I do ponder, that if I am not a runner or a marital artist in real life, why is it that in my dream I become my own hero?

Now that I am here in US for Atlas Corps Fellowship, few days back I had almost the same dream but this time with a twisted ending. I was locked up in my room with the dark image banging at my door frantically, and I panicked. This time, instead of fighting back, I picked up my phone and dialed 9-1-1!

When I woke up, I smiled at myself – Is American Life of 911 creeping into me?

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