Having a life map is very important to know exactly where you currently are and where you are heading in the future and to identify the life goals and objectives you may have. Academically, professionally or/and socially, it serves as a timeline that keeps you on track and sets you up as a goal oriented person.

From your past to your future, from the small town you grew up in surrounded by your family and friends to your leadership journeys and travels with your peers and colleagues. This life map is a kind of storytelling technique that helps you to be more aware of yourself as a person who is born with a purpose and develops your inner proactive personality. It is even considered as a tool to get to know yourself and all the aspects of your character and clarifies the professional ladder you would like to escalate without wasting time in trying to figure out what kind of job and profession you would like to have. 

How Can I draw my Life Map?

You can simply proceed by asking the right questions:

Where do I come from?

 Where am I now?

Where do I see myself?

Who are the most memorable people from my past?

What have been the greatest influences in my life?

What dreams have I had over my lifetime?

You can even collect pictures from your childhood and have pictures of the places you would want to visit and construct a visual map of your current plan with the timeline you have in mind.