Women are the most affected with domestic Violence in home, so many homes are still full of this hateful behavior and so many women and children have been affected through this violence. Sometime the Abuse is just too much and wonders why the woman does not live and finds somewhere else where she can be happy.
It’s not that easy for a Vitim that has fallen into the abuse to come out of it, because they keep on hoping for better until it’s too late and sometimes she pays the price with her life as Catharine who says her abuse started as a nice love story and this is some of what she said to Women Against Abuse Advocacy in Action.
“When I first met my abuser, I was just 14 years old and he was 20. I thought I was in love, so I ignored the disapproval of my mom and sister. I became pregnant with my daughter with another man during our on and off dating, and this caused huge problems in our relationship.

We moved in together and the abusive situation became apparent to everyone but me. I was convinced that I was in love and happy; that we were a family. I felt forced to choose, and decided I didn’t want my family in my life for the sake of my own “happiness.”
In order to overcome the abuse this woman needs a lot of support and non-judgmental, at time when they are judged, they tend to not express what they are going through which makes it worse for them to come out of the situation. Abusive partners can take away your pride, your freedom and your connections, just like Leticia`s story of abuse to WAA.
“Laticia tried to appease her Husband by submitting to his requests and learning to avoid his triggers. She tried to keep him from getting angry, but he would still call her names and shower her with insults no matter what she did. He would wake her up in the middle of the night, and Leticia — startled and alarmed — would have no time to collect herself. One day, he woke her up and hit her so hard that she ended up in the hospital.”
This bring to the conclusion by asking, why would two people who choose each other amongst the whole world start hating each other so bad? Why would somebody you love and trust to be with just change overnight and become a nightmare?…………………..#domesticviolencefreehomes#

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