Yes, domestic violence in the US. It is surprising how common domestic violence is among African migrants in the US. It is a silent problem that I came to hear of frequently among my fellow African groups living in the US.
African families and friends are usually coming together to discuss whether it is right for women to call the police on the husbands all the time and throwing them out of the house. Debating on how it should be handled without police, what a shame! why violence in the first place?!!!
To me, it seems like this has been happening quite a lot and the men feel like women are calling police even when it is not necessary or on petty arguments.
It is strange how African men still expect women to be silent when abused at this point of time regardless of location. Women everywhere have a right to protect themselves from violent spouses and it is even not right to wait till the last minute as I hear many say that unless it is life threatening like holding a weapon, I say No! Act as soon as possible for you may never know what is coming. Besides, why put up with a violent spouse. This is strange and unfortunate.
There should be no negotiation on violence or any form of domestic violence, respect for each other, if it not working, let go!

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