While I am here in United States, I am learning more about the political environment. I have always been interested and open to political conversations. It is time to name new candidates in the political parties, I listen many enthusiastic people talking about the nomination of Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party, some supporters talk convinced that she is the most qualified candidate because of her experience. At the same time, Jeb Bush is another potential candidate in the Republican Party, “he is a liberal candidate and will change the face of our country” is stated by other enthusiastic followers. The reality is that these two last names were in the presidency 20 years and potentially other 8 years.

I read the news today from my country Bolivia, President Evo Morales and his political party will look for the indefinite reelection for his presidency as happened in Venezuela some years ago. The supporters say that Morales won three consecutive elections with around 60% of the votes which permits him to govern 15 years. “He is the most representative, sacrificed and loved citizen that Bolivia ever had”, they say that this argument is enough to change the constitution. Potentially, he can govern until he dies.

Everybody tells us that we are able to accomplish whatever we want, and to go in life as far as we want. The media says that we are young and dreamers, and the universe has never been as close as today thanks to the new technology used by the NASA to detect new life outside the earth. We read every day great stories like Bill Gates changing the world through vaccines. I mean everybody is inspired and wants to do something to change the world. I just finished an interesting book named “Outliers” and it explains the story of the most successful people in history from another perspective different from the media, the conclusion is that “talent” alone is not enough to ensure success, and your family legacy is important also.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining because I don’t have a famous last name, all the opposite, I am very excited about the future. I am going to Washington D.C. next week where big political decisions take place and affect not only the United States, but also other parts of the world. I will be with other global leaders in my fellowship with inspiring ideas who are changing the world already, who have that opportunity? Just a few. I just want to be sure that I am aware about all the external factors around me, and to understand why your last name is also important at least in the political arena.

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