Don’t you think that the biggest deception that life gives us every day is an illusion that nothing bad can happen to us or to our loved ones? Many times I forget how fragile our life is, and how in a second everything can change.

This is a story about my personal hero. My friend, Irma Bejdic, was one of those shy kids that became a member of AIESEC, a youth-led NGO that at that time I was leading together with my team. From a shy kid she transformed into a young leader chosen to lead, among others, this organization in 2011/2012.

irmacollageIn August 2011 AIESEC Bosnia and Herzegovina sent three members of a National Committee to the International Congress in Kenya. Irma was one of them. After conference study tour to Mombasa was organized for participants who wanted to stay there longer and enjoy the beauties of the country. On the way to Mombasa, the bus, in which representatives of BiH were, was in an accident. President of AIESEC in Bolivia, Elmer Pérez Requiz, passed away, and Irma Bejdic AIESEC BiH lost her right arm and sustained severe head injuries.

Few months ago, campaign “AIESEC loves Irma” was initiated by AIESEC BiH and AIESEC International with a goal of raising 150,000 € which are needed for Irma’s full recovery. Until this day AIESEC globally managed to raise 57,856.74 €. This is an amazing example how important is to have an international network that is so well connected that it can react to every situation, in every moment and really make a difference.

Irma is currently still in Munich, going through various surgeries and her recovery is slow but possible. Her amazing spirit, and positive attitude are something that most of us wouldn’t be able to find in a same situation. She managed to pass all exams through Skype, started to write her thesis, and is about to become a Master of Science. AIESEC, Sarajevo, her friends and family are still waiting for her final return to her home town.

If you wish to be part of Irma’s story, please consider donating to this cause.

You can find more information about Irma and “AIESEC Loves Irma” campaign here:

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