mafalda_mondoToday after reading the entire news report on the Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed in Ukraine with 298 passengers due to a missile attack I left myself drown in anger and depression. Why is it that we live in a world that discharges such rages of hate? As I was questioning this to myself the situation got worse as I started to read the next report on the Israeli bombing on Gaza. Casualties have claimed so far in the last days 200 Palestinian lives and one dead Israeli (and I don´t even want to get started on the deaths of the Palestinian boys). As I kept looking for more information, I came across with the fact that 50 elephants are butchered each day for their ivory trinkets and that we are in the middle of an environmental holocaust with billions of bees dying. Did you know that without bee pollination most plants and 1/3 of our food supply would be gone? Well, I didn´t know that but now I do and if you are reading this now you do to.
Before I started to burst into tears I decided to turn on the TV. The situation didn´t get any better after hearing in the news that there has been 52,000 unaccompanied children from Central America crossing the US border since October 2013 due to poverty and violence in their home countries. As I was turning off the TV the cherry on the top was to culminate the day with the next massacre film thriller.
After all this world reality slapped me hard in the face today I asked myself if I want to live in a world like this? The answer is clearly NO! And I think you don’t want to live in a world where tourist planes are fired down with rockets, where elephants just exist in children books, where bees can’t buzz around us and where kids all over the world can’t run and play free.
In spite of all this happenings I just hope my grain of sand doesn’t get lost in the waves of hate…
Renata Barradas

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