A strong initiative in promoting diversity and inclusion in an organization’s workplace is one of the key pillars in remaining competitive in the modern business world.

Many recent studies have shown that increased cultural diversity leads to greater profits for the organisation at the cultural and financial levels and a wider range of innovation and creativity.

Being a fellow and working with different people from different backgrounds, cultures and education has given me a positive working environment in which all team members would contribute in expanding the common talent pool. We all have created a platform where we would all share our different skill sets, experiences and collaborate together and learn from each other.

I also noticed that, innovation and creativity rose from the differences the team members would have. Discussing different issues from different perspectives and listening to different ideas from different people have really helped in combining those ideas and coming up with a unique innovative one.

Also, in a diverse inclusive team, problem solving and decision making skills do improve. When colleagues and team members with different opinions and perspectives come together, they shape up better solutions and gather more details which leads to better decisions and choices in resolving all kinds of conflicts and getting better results in the different situations.

The world is quickly changing and getting smaller and smaller, either we like it or not, and companies have to evolve and develop. As much as diverse we are, we need each other’s differences to evolve and strive so “diversity” should be now the new “normal”.