One of the questions I was asked prior to joining this fellowship was “Why do I want to become an Atlas Corps Fellow”?

“To me, Atlas Corps was an opportunity to widen my perspective and expand my knowledge. The exposure I will gain not only to the American culture but to the culture of more than 78 countries that Atlas Corps fellows come from will be an asset and allow me to become the change maker I want. I was eager to learn from global leaders in different development fields and share my experiences.

And as I expected; Atlas Corps experience was an invaluable experience to me. I had the opportunity to meet amazing fellows who are working hard to contribute to the development and advancement of their countries and trying their best to make a tangible impact on their communities. It is about the rich and diverse discussions we have about everything, starting from food and cultures and ending with politics and global stability.

I learned how to accept differences and acknowledge others point of view. I am growing not only professionally but more importantly personally.

Atlas Corps is not just a fellowship, it is a life-changing experience. That’s my friends what we called #DiversityandInclusion.