Hi everyone, I know maybe this will sound silly to some of you, but to me it was getting one of my dreams checked¬†off the list ūüôā

I have been to Disney land in Paris before and from what remember Paris Disney land seemed more fun and had cooler rides than Disney world or maybe because I was only 11 years old back then and now I’m 27 ūüėõ










Anyways, quick background about Disney World that I’ve been too, so this one is the biggest Disney world in the world and this is why it called World not Land, and it’s in Orlando / Florida, not far from downtown, which usually are in other countries/ cities like in LA.










We were lucky that my friend Alena had a friend who works in Disney world and got us free tickets to 3 kingdoms out 5 kingdoms which he helped us to save about 300$ or so, we visited Magic Kingdom, Epcot and maybe the Animal Kingdom.










The¬†Epcot kingdom was the one with international restaurants¬†from around the world and it had like a series of houses, each house represents a different country theme, it’s traditions and what’s it’s famous for, I think I only remember the German show and the French¬†as well ( a guy throws dishes on the air and he is standing one edge of a chair on top of two other ones.










My favorite was the Magic Kingdom, and this is where all the magical light shows happen on Beauty and Beast castle ( unfortunately¬†we didn’t¬†check the castle from the inside b/c it was under constructions back then), and the amazing fireworks show for 20 minutes, can you imagine that 20 minutes of unstoppable beautiful¬†fireworks show.










What I loved the most about that 20 minutes show that everybody was standing there amazed by the show from all ages!! isn’t that so cute!! seeing 40 years old as amazed and excited as 4 years old kid!! And seeing all those people from different races, nationalities, religions and educational background all sharing the same moment of joy!!¬†I would differently¬†go back there again someday <3





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