Disha is a very special friend and classmate. Like many of Class 24 fellows she is IRONIC. I had to do a tour guide again for a new visitor. My tours guide style usually the most sarcastic one in Amman, Chicago and Beirut. (My areas of guiding expertise). Also this time my visitor is someone actually understands all my point of views (or all my jokes).
First I introduced her to the most segregated city, or at least a big city. read more on this link:

Credit to Ali Attalah

She also had a lovely Midwestern experience, Include great food of Chicago where she literary ate everything from the moment she arrived. Donuts made with milkshakes and sweets chocolate Nutella (Because you know donuts usually are not sweet enough). Vietnamese food, American style Sandwiches and my sweet disgusting coconut bisects. But I love it, apparently she did love it too. It’s a huge packet for 2$ (I eat it when I run out of food and I want to spend my money on alcohol instead of food).
We went to Navy Pier where usually people take their kids there, there were many kids … like OMG so many kids and I’m allergic to kids, I start to sneeze all the time. (Kids I’m not allergic to include: my nieces, nephews and Scott’s children).

Disha and I in the train.

At the end of the trip we went to watch the Oscar Awards in Boystown. Know more about boystown following my Instagram.
She guesses some of the awards and she won an award from the bar too and we had the chance to talk about our fellowship program for the least interested crowd.

Who’s our next visitor?

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