A “diaspora” at its simplest is a migrant community that maintains economic, socio-cultural, and political ties with their country of origin. An attempt to find out how diaspora communities engage with their country of origin while in exile, and how much impact their efforts have on the situations at hand is the purpose of this write up. Literature available on the internet was explored for this purposes ranging from UN reports, media or press articles to studies on diaspora communities and their engagement as well as looking at diaspora led organizations.

An estimated 1.2 to 1.7 million people with Sudanese origin live abroad, participating actively in economic development, lobbying activities, humanitarian aid, and media awareness programs.  Harnessing and developing this human capacity continues to be an essential objective for the United Nations in order to improve the peace-building process in Sudan and South Sudan.The UN recognizes the integral role that diaspora community engagement plays in institution building and reconstruction. Mr. Nassir Al-Nasser, UN President of the General Assembly, emphasized, “our collective action must be directed towards supporting diasporas, so that their contribution to development might achieve their full potential.” The university partnership programs and both training and return of qualified nationals embody two creative initiatives actively supported by the UN. Through diaspora community engagement, the UN has certainly established the potential for Sudan and South Sudan to become stable countries. In the political sphere, Sudanese and South Sudanese lobbyist groups have been quite influential, particularly in America, but more effort must be made in creating a sense of unity amongst members of diaspora communities.  Perhaps if individuals from opposing sides make peace abroad, then such reconciliation can spread to the conflict area as well.  The UN may foster further diversification of the economy and engage Diasporas in new ways in order to mobilize a feeling of community and resolve the underlying issues of the conflict.[1]

[1] http://sirjournal.org/2013/04/18/united-nations-missions-in-sudan-and-south-sudan-diaspora-community-engagement/


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