Atlas Corps Fellow Anyebe Victor Anyebe, Ekene Olatunji, Olumide Idowu, Abir Chermiti, Omitogun Tobi Abolaji, Duaa Elfadil, Chris Chukwunyere At Global Leadership Lab

Young people today are arguably more engaged in social and civic issues that affect their communities and countries than ever before. As an Atlas Corps fellow, we look at youth civic engagement, how the global development community can empower young leaders, and how young people can be encouraged to take action.

The importance of youth leadership as we move towards developing our continent and pushing for more leadership acts further highlighted by the following views.

  1. The development of leadership skills in the youth contributes to the overall development of their own self and also enhances the way in which they can contribute towards bringing desirable changes in the world.
  • Skills such as problem-solving, goal-setting and proper decision-making become very essential considering the dynamic nature of the world around us and these skills can be developed by grooming the youth and helping them become good leaders.
  • Young leaders play a very important role when it comes to fighting the malpractices which are prevalent in our society and making the world a better place to live in.
  • By grooming the youth to be good leaders, organizations and communities can reap direct benefits out of the energy and enthusiasm that the young people bring to the table. The youth can channelize their energy in a positive way and achieve organizational and community goals.
  • Young leaders are characterized by a positive attitude, high self-esteem and many other positive qualities which enables them to influence the world in a much efficient and effective manner.

As a young leader or a mentor to an individual or group of young leaders, you have an opportunity to make a positive and powerful impact on the world. Whether you begin as a concerned individual or a team.

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