Last month i had the opportunity of travel across this tiny blue and green ball we call planet earth to participate in the 3rd Women Deliver conference held in Kula Lampur, Malaysia.

Having attended the 2nd Women Deliver conference in Washington DC in 2010, i was inspired to not only revamp my focus on women’s reproductive health and rights, but to also commit a great portion of my life fighting for women’s rights especially the rights of young girls.

This year’s conference was no less of an inspiration. Not only was i able to connect with amazing young people all over the world and learn more about what they have been doing in their countries (most of whom i had already met at the last women deliver conference or international health conferences), but was also inspired to embarked upon a campaign focused on cervical cancer among rural women.

Despite being highly preventable in most Western countries because screening tests and a vaccine to prevent HPV infections are available, cervical cancer (often times misdiagnosed or left untreated due to lack of check ups) is one the leading causes of deaths among women.

Having had personal experiences with both cervical cancer and breast cancer ; the former leading to the death of a loved one. I am determine to continue DELIVERING innovative and educational platforms to address this issue.

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