Spending most of my time as a child at school. I naturally grew to esteem my teachers daily conduct as they went about teaching, coaching, and instilling discipline for which parents credited them. It is no wonder that whenever I was asked what I wanted to become as an adult, I simply answered,”A teacher.” YES, this is who I am and still want to be! The teacher made me, made the doctors, the lawyers, artists and several other great people, there is so much power and influence to change the world.

As the eldest in my family and mother of one precious girl, I live my passion every single day; mentoring, training and coaching others through various platforms. To keep up, I learn every day just like my school teachers had to go over their notes in preparation for quality lesson delivery.

I spent the first three years after attaining a bachelor’s degree, mentoring and coaching over 1,000 in and out of school youths into areas of leadership and business, social entrepreneurship and life skills. This was an amazing experience! Transforming and supporting youth innovations and social enterprises that changed lives and solved community issues. Their hunger for change and faith in their ability to make things happen was our magic wand. I never ever wanted to stop! my dream started evolving, my passion and inspiration grew stronger and deeper whenever I received a call from one of the youths sharing with me the project progress and impact.

A few years down the road, I had the opportunity to do the same with teachers! My excitement originated from my focus on inspiring intrinsic motivation. To support the teachers, appreciate their worth as critical influencers on the world and its people. The mentor and coach in me was further dared through listening to daily teachers challenges. “Going without meals, travelling long distances on bad roads through hush weather, failing to afford medical services, teaching classes of over 100 learners worst of all under tree shades in the rural areas” and these are just the tip of the iceberg. Even in such situations, teachers did not give up their roles in impacting the world. From these teachers I learnt that the most sustainable solution to daily challenges is to never stop believing in ones’ power to make a difference.

YES when you believe you can make things happen,

you will start exploring all opportunities,

you will make use of all your networks for support and connections,

you will make better use of your time; journaling ideas and drawing roadmaps

looking in the right places for information to fill up puzzles,

you will start looking out for people like you, those that make things happen!

You will appreciate yourself more and value people and all the resources around you.

I don’t have a subject major but am a teacher and I love it! I love every opportunity to support or facilitate learning. I touch lives, I have surprised my own self, am going places meeting great change makers because my passion has taught me to believe I have all I need to make a difference and SO DO YOU!!

What is your Passion?